Taking care of your real estate
Above all, healthcare property solutions must reflect the needs of your care clients and function as an efficient operational resource that facilitates the provision of care. The Dutch healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. As a healthcare institution, you are now responsible for your own accommodation costs, a development that increases the economic impact of property issues. A sound real estate policy and a well-informed perspective on property issues are therefore essential. Drawing on our extensive experience, we advise both healthcare institutions and investors in healthcare property. We are keenly aware of the trends, opportunities and threats in these sectors and how specific legislation and regulations affect property transactions.

Commercial real estate across all property sectors, including residential complexes, valued by an expert, reliable and specialist team.
Transform your property into a lasting, attractive investment.
Sell your property investment against the best conditions.                                                                                                                         
Expert advice for occupiers and investors, focused on the best transaction result and sound future cooperation for both parties.
Skilled management of your construction project, with outstanding implementation and flawless delivery.
Technical, environmental, commercial and legal assessment and analysis of your property for your acquisition or sales transaction.                                              
Full and quick insight into the financial aspects, letting potential and value development of property to be acquired or redeveloped.
Optimal leasing solutions through a unique combination of market information experience with the leasing process and a vision for the future of your real estate.
Comprehensive advice on expanding your property portfolio in line with your investment strategy, and proactive assistance in the acquisition process.
Proactive property management, with the assurance of successful exploitation and a profit on your investment.
Expert knowledge of construction and techniques, applied by pragmatic advisors and focused on investment value.

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