Solid processes produce valuations of the highest quality

A large team of certified valuers, specialised in every sector of real estate, is readily available to swiftly and accurately assess your real estate investments. Our valuers are familiar with every possible transaction and keep a close watch on the investment market. We know all ins and outs of the specific laws and regulations for every sector, and our valuations can be tailored to serve a variety of goals. 

Tailor-made valuation reports

  • Large team of certified valuers (RICS, NRVT, etc.)
  • Solid, tightly scheduled process based on the four-eyes principle
  • Valuations for all purposes
  • Intimately familiar with specific laws and regulations

Our services

Full and quick insight into the financial aspects, letting potential and value development of property to be acquired or redeveloped.
Commercial real estate across all property sectors, including residential complexes, valued by an expert, reliable and specialist team.