Bespoke consulting at every stage of the financing process

Our international team is active in all the important European markets, working directly with a global network of banks and other suppliers of capital. This approach results in in-depth (local and international) knowledge of the finance market, offering you the best possible starting point to secure optimum conditions for your property financing.

In-depth knowledge of the finance market

  • All kinds of finance: acquisition, restructuring and/or refinancing
  • Clear, rigorously-executed process, totally in line with expectations
  • All forms of financing: junior, senior, mezzanine, bridging, credit tenant lease, etc.
  • Specialists in the acquisition and sale of loans and loan-related services

Our services

Quick and efficient recovery of real estate loans by thoroughly preparing the sale of the property, in private or through an action.     
Optimal (re)financing of your real estate using a transparent process established by real estate finance specialists who are in the heart of the international finance market.
Transparent and efficient sales process for your real estate loaned, geared towards attaining the optimal sales price.                                                       
Strategic advice and full service management for your loan portfolio based on in-depth knowledge of real estate and real estate financing.