Your business partner in strategic housing advice

You want your offices to be an environment in which your organisation can flourish and achieve its goals, a comprehensive overview of your long-term housing costs, and a lease that clearly sets out your rights as a tenant. You want a highly accurate risk assessment, and you need a reliable partner with the right expertise. We understand your business goals, are able to approach every problem from multiple angles, and we have extensive experience in every sector of real estate.

Benefit from our tailer-made advice

  • Offices that support you reach your business goals
  • A lease that clearly sets out your rights as a tenant
  • Comprehensive overview of your long-term housing costs
  • Expert advice from a reliable partner
  • Full-range services that cover every aspect of housing
  • Extensive experience in every sector of real estate

Our services

Housing with a lease agreement that best suits your organisation’s goals and needs.
Creative and functional designs for an optimal working environment with a focus on your objectives and corporate identity.
Your business partner for international transaction management, contract management and the financial administration of your property portfolio. One point of contact for all the property expertise you might need.
There’s a lot that will come your way when you decide to change accommodation, whether you are having a new building constructed for your business or moving to an existing building. We can support you during this complicated process.
The optimal combination of budget, building and use of space. Your corporate real estate portfolio should be the foundation of your organisation’s strategy.
If your organisation is about to radically change – whether it’s a merger, reorganisation or a radical culture shift – we investigate what options are best suited to your organisation and support you in their implementation.

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Spencer Stuart

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Multidisciplinary approach during renegotiations for new leases