Optimisation of your rental income

We offer a clear vision on real estate, first-class market knowledge, extensive experience and an international network that has proven its value to our Dutch clients. With all the real estate expertise you need gathered together under one roof, we deliver concrete business cases that help you make the best possible decisions. Our full-service rental property teams will help you every step of the way. They are fully committed to developing creative solutions for a wide range of rental challenges.

A hold on the market

  • A strategy that responds to market developments
  • A highly valuable international network
  • All the real estate expertise you need gathered together under one roof
  • Creative real estate solutions for every sector

Our services

Optimal leasing solutions through a unique combination of market information experience with the leasing process and a vision for the future of your real estate.
Sell your vacant properties quickly and efficiently by recognising distinctive qualities and possibilities for redevelopment or renovation.
Powerful positioning and effective marketing resources create a unique building identity that will appeal to occupiers.

Interesting for you?

Boschdijk Eindhoven

Boschdijk Eindhoven

Intensive cooperation created results which exceeded all expectations

Blaak 555

Transformation into a stylish and elegant multi-tenant office building