Current, reliable, comprehensive data

CBRE Research is the renown expert in the commercial property market. We research and analyse current trends in the sectors of our clients offering them sharp insights on the impact for their property. Our research data are comprehensive, reliable and always up-to-date. By using the data and information from our research, you will be able to anticipate to trends to come and stay ahead of the competition.

Extensive specialist network

Because we are fully aware of our research being used for impactful decisions, we make sure that our information is infallible and of outstanding quality. For our research we are working in a vast specialist network, in any industry, both globally and in the Netherlands. Benefiting from this network, we use their information for creating valuable reports or for verifying results before publishing.

Tailored research

Next to extensive market research on any property sector and thorough studies on specific trends, we are in an excellent position to provide you with research reports tailored to your question. For another angle, more detailed information or perhaps additional studies, we are gladly at your service.