The Dutch real estate market brought into focus

The Dutch real estate market is performing well. The Netherlands is past its peak in terms of economic growth, but in recent years real estate investments have continued to achieve high yields, compared to other major investment categories such as shares, bonds and gold. Read our Real Estate Outlook to find out about the current state of affairs in the real estate market and which developments are in store for 2020 and beyond.


2020 Real Estate Outlook

The 2020 Real Estate Outlook provides an extensive analysis of the Dutch real estate market and our expectations for the coming years. Where do opportunities lie in this late-cyclical and tight market? Our forecasts show three ‘routes to return on investments’, which are presented in the report.

Mid-Year Market Outlook 2020

Mid-Year Market Outlook 2020

Because of the impact of coronavirus, expectations for investment volumes in the real estate market have been adjusted. On a positive note, the downturn remains relatively limited, thanks to the strong foundations in most sectors and the confidence of foreign investors. Interested in reading about the current market situation and expectations for the next six months?

Unlocking city potential

The number of transactions in cities is decreasing, while urban areas are in need of investments to facilitate the expected growth due to increasing urbanization and population growth. The Real Estate Outlook 2020 explains ways to find solutions to urban problems that will also provide opportunities for investors.

Changes in real estate financing

Dutch banks continue to be cautious when it comes to real estate financing. Various new and existing parties, such as international lenders and funding platforms, are seizing the opportunities this has created. This will continue as the shift is expected to last.
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