Dare to discover

The real estate world is changing rapidly and this is being reflected in the needs of the sector. The secret is not to go with the flow, but to dare to think outside the box. Only then will you arrive at innovative solutions that help you anticipate these ever-changing needs. 

By taking Dare to Discover as our theme, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone at this year’s Provada! Join us as we discover new technologies, emerging markets and new forms of financing, and explore their significance for the future of real estate. 



Where to find us at Provada: Stand 13, Hall 12.

What’s the future for real estate valuations?

Wednesday 6 June| 13:00 -14:00
Forum 2

The role of the valuer is undergoing a transformation. This has everything to do with the changing expectations of the customer and a host of technological developments. Different trends are following each other in quick succession: Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to name but three. During this panel debate, Roderick Smorenburg (Senior Director of Valuation & Advisory) will discuss the changing profession of the valuer and the technologies that contribute to this evolution. 

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Investing in healthcare real estate 

Wednesday 6 June | 15:45 -16:30
Forum 2

Healthcare real estate may be a relatively new market, but increasing numbers of investors are already seeing it as an attractive investment product. In 2017, for example, a record volume of €630 million was invested in this new sector. Jeroen Hermus (Director of Healthcare) invites us to join him on an exploration of the further development of healthcare real estate and the opportunities offered by this market.





CBRE Drinks

Wednesday 6 June | 16:00 -19:00
Hal 12, stand 13

This year, we will be throwing another of our famous CBRE drinks parties. You are welcome to raise a glass and join us for a chat as we toast a successful day at Provada. 


In search of the financiers of entrepreneurship 

Thursday 7 June | 13:00 -14:00
Provada Business Lounge

Alongside large-scale financing, transactions on a smaller scale are also becoming increasingly popular. It is a booming market with a wealth of opportunities. Robert-Jan Peters (Executive Director of Debt & Structured Finance) discusses the latest trends in finance, and more specifically the rise of micro-financing opportunities. Who are the customers and which financiers have already taken the plunge?