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Sustainable & Healthier Workplaces

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As a rental agency, real estate may not be your core business. Even then, it may be effective to include real estate within your sustainability strategy. Sustainable real estate is often better for the well-being of employees and other residents. Our consultants will work with you to develop an implementable sustainability strategy that aligns with your needs.

  • Broad expertise in sustainability-related issues
  • Concrete, implementable advice that fits within your strategy
  • Custom-made solutions with practical support

We simplify your issues

There are several ways to make locations more sustainable. That can be achieved through building upgrades, opting for an interior designed with circular principles and reducing your waste flows – just to name a few. We help you answer the question about what interventions would be most useful for your organization. We map out how your locations are doing on sustainability measures, have an impact how you can prioritize them. That way we ensure that select the right one from a maze of options to suit your strategic needs.

Practical support in all scenarios

Various scenarios can be yielded from our sustainability analysis. You may have the most to gain if you move business units; or your current locations have potential, and you need to talk to the owner. We can assist you in both ways – by sending out a well-informed broker for you, or by leading the negotiations with the owner. There is a lot you can also do yourself, such as opting for circular interiors, or by making your processes more sustainable. Our experts will offer practical and implementable advice aligned with your strategy.

How does sustainability contribute to your business?

A sustainable workplace is often healthier for users than a traditional office. That is because fewer harmful substances may be emitted in the interior, or even because the company restaurant removes heavily processed food from the menu. Sustainability and well-being are often interconnected. Furthermore, we also have broad knowledge in the area of healthy workplaces and can advise you on how to obtain WELL certification and provide practical support for setting up a healthy workplace.

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