Photo of Rozemarijn Alting

Rozemarijn Alting

Associate Director, Head of Product Enablement - Representative on behalf of employees

About Rozemarijn

Rozemarijn joined CBRE in 2019 as a Business Analyst and is now Head of Product Enablement within Digital & Tech. She has also been a member of the general board since December 2022, as a delegate of CBRE's internal DNA group. In this role, she represents colleagues to the board, which gives them a greater say in decision-making.

Together with her team, Rozemarijn engages daily in optimising and implementing the systems and processes within CBRE Netherlands. There is a lot of collaboration with colleagues from other departments to ensure that the products fit the needs of all our colleagues. In addition, many products are also developed internally and there is close European cooperation so that the products also fit Dutch needs.


  • Analytical
  • Process optimization
  • Change management
  • Product implementation
  • Solution-oriented
  • Member of the General Board
By ensuring that the voice of the employees is heard within the General Board, we ensure more mutual connection and the connection that we have as an employee with CBRE as an employer.
Rozemarijn AltingHead of Products Digital & Tech - Delegate on behalf of employees