Photo of Arnoud Bloemendaal

Arnoud Bloemendaal

Executive Director Property Management

About Arnoud

Arnoud started his career in 1999 as a tax advisor specializing in real estate. First at Arthur Andersen and from 2003 at Rechtstaete real estate lawyers & tax advisers. Because his interest was ultimately more in real estate than tax advice, he made the switch to CBRE at the end of 2007, where he was welcomed as the 200th employee. After a year at Capital Markets, he became responsible within property management for the management of a large office portfolio. Arnoud has held various positions within property management, including in recent years as a member of the management team and responsible for Business Development. In this role, Arnoud has made an important contribution to the growth of the portfolio. As of February 1, 2023, Arnoud is Head of Property Management and a member of the general board of CBRE.

Arnoud has broad real estate expertise and he has successfully completed a master's degree in real estate from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate and the sustainable real estate course from Cambridge University.

Within CBRE we have such a wonderfully diverse group of colleagues with diverse knowledge in all kinds of areas. That gives me a lot of energy myself. If we manage to connect all that knowledge, there will be so many great opportunities for our customers, for CBRE and certainly also for our people.
Arnoud BloemendaalExecutive Director, head of Property Management